website designer Mistake-4
Website Design Mistake 4: Website Designer who can not help you generate Lead from his Design
July 14, 2018

Most Common Website design Mistake Business Owners Make


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We Create Perfect Balance of Design, Marketing & Results side by side Helping you get more Sales from the Internet with the Expert Team of Website Designers & Website Design /digital Marketing Consultant Helping Business Owners to Achieve Success Using their Own Website.

As a small business, your website is a vital piece of your marketing and branding efforts. Visitors are coming to your website for a specific reason, and you want to ensure that you answer their questions and use your website to sell your product or service.

If you get your website designed wrong, you can easily lose thousands of dollars initially, and ultimately lose even more money in potential revenue that you could be made from a well designed, properly functioning website.
Grow your bottom line by avoiding many of these common mistakes among business owners:

Not Choosing / Consulting An Digital Marketing Expert for Website Design .


Your designer presents you a lovely design from which You start your new website build but fails to realize that the way it is designed will not do well in conversions (getting people to buy or sign up for what you want them to) or list well in Google or other Search Engines.
After your website launches you end up having to spend a ton of money on advertising to get visitors to your site. Sometimes designers are excellent designers but that does not mean they will also be excellent Marketers, as they are 2 very different disciplines to follow with achieving different goals. Insist that your designer has a proven track record of sites that use web best practices and are correctly Search Engine Optimized.

Takeaway: At the end, your website is a Marketing Material on the Internet which Helps you Advertise/showcase your Product / Service through different Media Like Google, Facebook etc.& it should be a combination of both Good Looking & Marketing Ready.

Not Considering Maintenance of Your Website Design


Think of your website as a car. No matter how beautiful or expensive it is, it’s going to need routine maintenance & updates Some developers charge by the hour or offer package, so this is something you should ask. Also, you’ll tend to see better results (and have less of a headache)

Maintenance & updates are extremely important because your website will most likely end up becoming out of date with ever back up changing technology. They should offer an inexpensive option to back up your site, perform security updates, update plugin licenses, and be available for email or phone support when you most need them.

Takeaway: You do not want your site to go down due to issues with hackers, security breach, mistakes you may make on the site, etc. Just like life insurance and health insurance, this is website insurance that is affordable (or should be) and necessary.

Your Friend/sister/cousin/etc. Is A “computer” Person And Said They can do Website designing for free


Just because someone offers you a free service, that doesn't always mean that they're good at it. now you are months down the road and your “computer person” has been busy with his regular job, and life, and you are still not very close to having your site completed. While you may be saving some money, each day your new site is not up you are losing potential sales–more than likely much more than you will save in this way.

And while it is true that anyone can learn anything, web design and development is a very specialized discipline and having an actual expert building your site will save you tons of headaches down the road, not to mention getting it done in a timely manner. Insist that your designer actually builds websites for a living.

Takeaway: Make sure you Choose a Right Person for your Website design Project based on his Skilled (Professional website designer & A digital Marketing Expert) & not Based on Your friend/sister/cousin/etc.

Not Choosing a Website Designer Who Can Help/guide You to Generate Business Using Your Website.

Website designer help

Once your website is ready & your designer has designed a Good Professional Looking website.

is your Good Looking Websites Functional Gets Your Business More Exposure, Lets You Reach More Clients & Make More Sales

Does your designer Know how to Use it to Generate Business Form it?

If NOT then you have Wasted You TIME & money Doing it.

you are in the same Place Again where you stared difference is you Have a website / Digital Tool that you don't know how to Use for Growing your Business.

Takeaway: you invested your Money on Creating a website so that it will help you Grow your Business Online & you start Searching for another person to who can Help you Generate business from it. then he starts the whole designing Process again as your website doesn't have the elements required to generate Sales

Not Choosing a Website Designer That Provide Guarantee of His Own Work

website buider Provide Guarantee

There are many designers out there in the market claiming I am the best and I will design your website for cheap or within your desire budget but beware of what you are getting into choosing a wrong designer means wasting you're of money & Precious time.

You should avoid work with a person who says I he is a professional website designer, but cannot provide a guarantee for his work Done.
Takeaway: if your website goes down who is responsible to keep it Online and running as a designer does he provides the guarantee with the work he did. do you want to be dependent for your online business on someone else?
You should not work with a person who cannot provide a guarantee of Keeping you Website Live and Running & up-to-date.

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