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Our Story

 Know More About US 

Welcome to Netadroit website design & development service peoples no #1 choice for creating good looking website with proven & tested features that help convert your visitors and leads into potential sales.

Our team is dedicated to give you the very best of what today's technology has to offer that can make your business more effective & more profitable.

Netadroit was founded in Jan 2016, by Mr.Mihir [ internet expert ], has come a long way from its beginning. When Mihir first started out, his passion was making it easy for the business owner like yourself to use the most powerful tool readily available " THE INTERNETfor your business & achieve the growth you truly wanted in your life.

Our team now serve customers all over the world and are thrilled to be a part of the Netadroit web design & development service wing of the Netadroit family.

Our Mission

   Our Core beliefs 

" To Provide You The Best Website Design & Development Service With The Help Of Proven Strategy & Case Study That Help Drive Results For Your Business To Standout From The Competition, Reach More Clients & Increase Your Sales Online "

Question In Your Mind

Common Question Business Owners Have about Website Designing

Over the past years, while working with business owners as an internet expert, business owner always had complaint about their website or why they have not built their website till now.

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Don't Have Do Website

First time Creating a Website 

  1. What features  in my website will help me grow
  2. Costly to design & maintain
  3. So many options confused? Who is right for ME
  4. Why huge price difference from rs 2000 to 1 lack & more
  5. What is the difference between them?
  6. Is building a costly website going to help me?
  7. If building a cheapest website what am i missing?

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Already Have A Website

Redesigning your Website

  1. Will It  generate any leads ?
  2. Don't Know what is a Right Website
  3. Costly to keep up with everyday changing technology
  4. Manage & maintaining is very hard i am not a tech-savvy guy Hiring is also Costly Need a Cost effective Solution .

Top #3 Reason People Fail 

Top #3 Reasons Why Many Business Owners Fail in Creating A Website

Website In Marketing

You do not consider & Use your website as a marketing material.

Specific Feature

You don't know what features to have in your website that will help your specific business grow.

Right For You

You don't have the right person to help & advice what is right for your business

Get A Right Website

How We will Help You Get the " Right Website" design For your Business

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What's A Right Website

Our primary focus 

The right website is the one that does the best job possible of converting your visitors into subscriber, fans, customers & clients & build your business brand.

In other words, the most important task about your website is its power to converts, this is the primary focus we use while creating your website.

Our Achievement & Your Benefits


50,000/- Benefit

The Insights & Results from the Research Conducted using 10000+ Web design is COMPLETELY FREE & will be implemented in your Website Design 

Yes! 50,000/- Worth Of Intelligence FREE we have Already done Everything for you.

Our Achievement 

We prepared our self for the hardest task of INTELLIGENCE GATHERING & performing our own A/B testing & also use third-party proven a|b test CASE STUDIES OF MORE THAN 10,000 PLUS WEBSITE designs & collected insight WORTH MORE THAN ₹ 50,000/- using these insights

We hand-picked what are the elements visual & feature that make a website the " RIGHT WEBSITE " that can make your business more effective & more profits.

  Yes! i want ₹ 50,000/-
Worth Of Intelligence FREE

We hand-picked what are the elements visual & feature that make a website the " Right websitethat can make your business more effective & more profits.

Website Made EASY & Profitable

We Understand that you ant not a website designer so Develop an Easy & simple  4 Step Process 

To make website designing an easy process, our team had develop packages that includes everything you need for your " Right website " plus all the important feature as per the case study & research best suited for your Specific business to make it more effective & more profitable.

Step 1

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Step 2

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Step 3

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Step 4

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Your Satisfaction & Value For Money is most important for Netadroit Family 

If You don't like it we Give 100% money Back No Question asked
To guarantee that You Get 100% Satisfaction & Value for Your Money We Show you the Full demo of how your Website will Look with Demo Content as a place holder.